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There will usually be two warnings when downloading/installing MSI-files:

  1. "Microsoft Defender SmartScreen couldn't verify if this file is safe because it isn't commonly downloaded."
  2. "Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device." The reason is that the MSI is not digitally signed.

Some users will not be able to install the MSIs at all due to the computer's policy-settings.

File Size
Installation-file for the Samalog Windows Desktop App v. 0.20.
Checksum (SHA256): 2eac6f3b6d5e66424bb39ee26d8156bb39c1911faea0510fb80e3f8e3d4c95a2
7 MB
User manual for the Samalog Windows Desktop App. Only available in Norwegian.
Checksum (SHA256): 6b937353cb5e6a7db5284fdcbfa703017d9353c88bc5807029af598546b8e2fb
2017 kB
Installation-file for the Samalog Windows Desktop App v. 0.18.
Checksum (SHA256): 68ded02e652943d6e8745ad54ac1c533331859d501f707081405a14657a30fba
6 MB

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